Well, where to begin?

For over 20 years for me, shaving was a chore - an irritating neccessity that left me with a sore neck and red bumps.  I switched back and forth from multi-blade cartidges and canned goo to electric razors every few months.  I was sure there had to be a better way.

There was!

In 2011 my wife got me a cheap boar shaving brush and Proraso soap from our local drug superstore.  I knew things were looking up from the very first shave and I was hooked in a huge way.

From there I progressed to double edge razors, badger hair brushes and pretty much everything in between.  Shaving became a joy - something I looked forward to each and every time.  I enjoy the collecting and restoration of vintage razors and began to realize a lifelong passion for woodworking by making wood shaving brush handles.

If you're here, then you have either already "seen the light" of proper shaving or perhaps you are just beginning your journey.  Either way, I hope one of my creations helps brighten your day just a little and bring you a little close to the Zen of wet shaving!

Cheers - and thanks for stopping by!